• 2018: Mark raced in his first 2 draft legal triathlons on March 3 & 4 in Clermont, FL. A maximum of 75 top US developmental athletes toed the line!

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    Mark Caballero (Coach Cabs)

    USAT Level 1

  • Coaching Packages

    Choose based on your goals and budget. $100 start up fee waived with 3 months of pre-paid coaching.

    Gold Package

    $400/month; Limited to 3 clients; Recommended for the extremely busy and competitive age group triathlete


    • Initial meeting to review training and racing history & plan A races
    • Diagnostic coaching
    • Plans via training peaks adjusted weekly with your feedback
    • Unlimited emails
    • Weekly phone call
    • 50% off in person coaching with priority scheduling 
    • Discount on myofasical release via Breakthrough PT
    • Discounts on human performance testing in Milwaukee, WI
    • Pre-race planning for "A" races
    • Post-race analysis for "A" races
    • Season review analysis

    Silver Package

    $250/month; Limited to 10 clients; Recommended for age group triathletes







    • Initial meeting to review training and racing history & plan goals
    • Plans via training peaks adjusted monthly with your feedback
    • Weekly emails
    • Monthly phone calls
    • Access to in person coaching, after Gold Package
    • Discount on myofasical release via Breakthrough PT
    • Discounts on human performance testing in Milwaukee, WI
    • Race planning/review

    Bronze Package

    $400 for 3 months of workouts; for budget-conscious athletes wanting semi-custom coaching











    • Initial meeting to review training and racing history & plan goals
    • Plans via training peaks sent every 3 months
    • Phone call scheduled prior to new training program
    • Monthly emails
    • Access to in person coaching, after Silver Package
    • Discount on myofasical release via Breakthrough PT

    U25 Discount


    Especially designed for collegiate triathletes:

    Same level as Silver Package

    Single Sport Discount

    $300 for Gold Package, $150 for Silver Package; $100 for Bronze Package

    Lindy had an immediate and continuous impact on the product team's output at Redux. Her ability to focus on the team resulted in many contributions.

    One-on-one training

    $25/hr for Gold; $50/hr for Silver;

    • Swim video analysis
    • Run form/drill training
    • Bike training or testing
  • My background

    For the last 6 years, I have gone from being new to the sport of triathlon to winning many local races.


    I have high standards, which drives me to develop successful athletes.


    My coaching specializes in:

    • Individual coaching
    • Maintaining a balance between work/life and sport
    • Data driven training programs using heart rate, RPE, cycling power, and running power 

    I've helped many athletes: From brand new triathletes, to those trying to make Team USA.


    My coaching history includes:

    • Physiological assessment: 100's of tests including VO2 max, strength and power testing, metabolic testing, and running gait and pressure
    • Past elite clients include: NBA team, collegiate cross country and track, speed skating junior national team, and speed skating Master's 10k world record holder
    • Past non-elite clients include: beginner triathletes, runners, cyclists to elite amateurs. Includes Kona hopefuls and Ironman branded podium earners.

    I'd love to help you reach your goals!

    Coach Cabs

  • Success Stories

    A selection of comments from past clients:

    Phil H.

    In short, Mark is amazing. At best, I was a painfully average runner with zero cycling or swimming experience when I first met Mark said months ago. Last month I completed my first triathlon and a week later a challenging 1/2 Ironman in some tough conditions. My goal was to run through the finish with a smile on my face. In order to get me there, Mark spent a great deal of time working with me to understand my limits. From there, he constructed a thoughtful training schedule and provided tremendous feedback along the way. At no point in the training did I suffer a setback. I was rarely sore and suffered very little emotionally as well. I give Mark the credit on this as he kept me on the plan. I never felt pushed and also never neglected. Mark was always a text or phone call away. I finished the 1/2 Ironman with a smile on my face and recovered very quickly. This was, again, a byproduct of a very healthy training schedule.


    I have four young children and as such I need the flexibility Mark was able to provide. This was HUGE and I couldn’t have done any of this without his approach fitting my schedule. Mark has been able to identify opportunities for improvement along the way. In one year I took 17 minutes off my PR 1/2 marathon time and am now training for my first 50k.

    Corinne M.

    I have been doing triathlons for 8 years - used plans online, group training, another coach, and then finally found Mark who listened to me and respected my personal goals.


    What I like about sharing my story is that I’m a real person. I'm a single mom with three type 1 diabetic children. I do triathlons because I love to be active and I've found wonderful friends in the community. I always strive to improve, but my health and safety come first. I’m not an elite, so connecting with a coach who listens to me is key to my success. When Mark and I met, my goal was to complete a half ironman triathlon, enjoy it, and be able to move the next day without injury.


    Crossing the finish line was pure joy! To have everything come together as planned is amazing. It wasn’t just about the race, it was the confidence of knowing that I was fully prepared. I had practiced nutrition, transitions, and long rides/runs/swims. So, it was just about putting it together.


    This was my best race ever! I followed the plan, put in the work, and the results showed. I really enjoyed my Chicago Lakes Half Triathlon (almost all of the 70.3 miles)--thank you coach!

    Hosting an indoor triathlon at Marquette University, Race Directing (see top left picture.. classic coaching pose with clipboard and timers)


    Pictured left:

    Getting feedback on what triathlon means for my junior triathlon athletes.


    Get the tissues ready for these videos; click the link!

    Yes Triathlon Club Summer 2015


    2015 J Hawks youth triathlon

    Collaborations at Marquette University in the Human Performance Assessment Core

    -Human Powered Bike Challenge

    -Running mechanics characteristics in collegiate runners: race pace vs. training pace

    -Vo2 characteristics in collegiate runners: blood lactates, hemoglobin/hematocrit, RER, HR, and RPE to determine training paces

    -Ankle strength measurements in Traditional Indian Dance

    -Cycling club and Triathlon club winter bike training (Spring 2016 group increased Watts at FTP by 13.5%)

  • Reach Out

    Drop me a line so we can collaborate!

  • Education 

    Marquette University

    Bachelors of Science (B.S.) 2010-2014

    Exercise Science, College of Health Sciences

    Marquette University

    Masters of Science (M.S.) 2014-2016

    Clinical and Translational Rehabilitation Sciences

    Certified Coach

    USA Triathlon Level 1 (2013-present) and Youth and Junior (2014-present)

    Attendee: Midwest/Midwest 2016 coach/race director conference

    Certified Race Director

    USA Triathlon Level 1 Race Director

    Races: Annual Indoor Triathlon hosted at Marquette University

    2017 & 2018


  • Clermont Draft Legal Race Recap

    One line summary: Finished 14th day 1 and 19th day 2. Not bad, considering my goals were to finish and not crash on the bike!

    The cowboy triathlete... That's what one coach said to me as I rolled in with jeans and flannel. It's true that I was the only one in non-lycra!


    I've been training for this race for several months now. It's been an interesting journey that has caused me to challenge my slow twitch body!


    Some background info for draft legal:

    -The swim is really important. Swim too slow & you miss a bike pack.

    -Bike packs (think Tour de France) are important because they are much faster than riding solo.

    -If the bike pack laps you, which happens, you don't get to finish the race, AND you have to walk your bike back even if you are a mile+ away from transition. I did NOT want to be one of these people!

    -To stay with the pack you constantly do short but high spikes in power followed by a few seconds of easy pedaling. Anaerobic bike training is very important, something that I've really only done in modest amounts.

    -Some of the run splits were under 16 minutes for the 5k, impressive!








    My wife and I had a travel day most of Thursday, so nothing much to report except I was hoping that my new Thule Roundtrip Pro XT would keep my new Cervelo S5 safe!! And yes, it did. Thank the Lord.


    This case comes with a built in stand. Not enough good things to say.. if you travel with a bike, this is the one you want!

    Friday AM I put together the bike & did a 20 minute spin on it. I also did a quick 15 minute shake out run with Meghan. SO nice to be in high 60s and running :) Later, we drove to the race course for a course preview and I did a few run-in & dives for practice. That evening, we went to a mandatory meeting and packet pickup.


    There was a LOT of energy in that room! I already miss that!


    Last: Final gear check, dinner, and a night of pretending to sleep. I did, eventually, get a few hours of zzz's.

    RACE TIME-- 9:30 AM!


    The great thing is that there were only like 3 bikes per rack. No towels, buckets, etc.


    After the swim, your wetsuit, goggles, and cap had to make it into the orange container, or you had to serve a 10s penalty! It was a very clean transition area!


    SWIM Day 1: Out of water (48/69) slower than I had hoped.


    The horn blasted and that was it! 750m swim. After about 200m there was enough room to start to settle into a swim stroke. Unfortunately I swam pretty much by myself. Drafting was hard because the water had low visibility.. the result of tannins from Cyprus trees turning the water into the color of root beer.


    Bike Day 1: I made a pack! I finished the bike in 39th, right alongside 15+ other people who were in my pack.


    Run Day 1 (17:16 5k): Starting in roughly 40th place, I worked hard to try and catch people that were in the first main pack. I was able to pass 25 people on the run, which brought me to 14th place. Not bad, considering my goals were to finish and not crash on the bike.


    SWIM Day 2: Swim was shortened to 375m (due to high winds & VERY choppy water). You could have called it swimming but boxing was probably a more realistic description. I lost the match, and was out of water (48/62) towards the back.


    Bike Day 2: Luckily I made a small 6 man pack, but with only 6 people, I had to work 30+ Watts harder than Day 1.


    Also, there was a crash right in front of me, which I was able to avoid!


    Run Day 2 (17:17 5k): Starting in about 36th place, the main pack had gained some ground on us and while I knew I wouldn't likely get top 15, I figured I could have a shot at top 20 if I really went for it (took 19th!).


    For day 2 of racing and pushing it much harder on the bike, I ran only 1 second slower for the 5k compared to day 1!


    Post race selfie with my biggest fan!


    Luck of the Irish Goodr sunglasses worked well, I'd say! At only $25 bucks they are one of the better sun glasses I've had. Big thumbs up.


    The Heroes of the Weekend easily goes to Bea and Larry; you two are SO generous!! Thanks for the amazing action shots Bea... amazing for never having done that type of photography!! Larry never failed to have a good time and make me laugh. Hard to not have fun around these two!!


    Post race BBQ for me!


    Taking down the bike. This bike stand comes with the bike case, SO cool! This is the only bike packing photo I had, so sorry about the no shirt bro look.

    We were NOT ready to leave 70 degrees for snow!!!


    Thanks for reading!

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